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The International Mining Technology Hall of Fame will recognize the technical innovators of our industry – past and present. 

Background to the Hall of Fame

The mining equipment and technology sector usually makes advances thanks to the dedication and expertise of individuals or small groups that have pushed the boundaries of innovation and R&D to bring new solutions to the industry. Sometimes initially facing internal and external scepticism or funding shortages, these leaps of progress have gone on to help make major increases in productivity and efficiency in mining, as well as in some cases making operations safer through helping to remove operators and miners from high risk roles.

The International Mining Technology Hall of Fame will recognise these pioneers across a range of categories. Nominees could be as varied as the developer of a fundamental improvement in crusher or drill rig design, to the introduction of a new process or mining method. Nominations should be individuals or small teams rather than companies. 

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The Nomination and Voting Process

Nominations for people or small teams who should be considered are welcomed.  We will be looking to induct 14 people or small groups (we will also consider small teams, and it can also be a posthumous award for an individual) into this Hall of Fame at a Gala Dinner at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Saturday, February 22, 2014; just before the SME Annual Meeting starts.

This is the only Hall of Fame recognising the global innovators in our industry – some have been forgotten (all too soon) – so let’s honour those who so deserve the accolades before too much more time passes. Nominations that fail this year will automatically pass into the 2015 voting.

There are 14 categories for inductee awards:

  1. Exploration
  2. Underground Development
  3. Underground Production
  4. Underground Load and haul
  5. Underground Support
  6. Surface Mine Production
  7. Surface Mine Load and haul
  8. Mining Software
  9. Safety
  10. Comminution
  11. Concentration
  12. Bulk handling
  13. Tailings management
  14. Outstanding innovator
  15. Metallurgy

Once the nominations are in, the voting will be undertaken by a college of some 200 experts and leaders in the fields of exploration, mining and processing. To ensure impartiality, none of them will be employees of supplier companies (but of course their nominations are very welcome, and in some cases, nominated people may have worked at several different groups).

Recognition for the real Game Changers

As there has been nothing like these awards in the international arena since the World Mining Blue Ribbon awards of the 1980s, it is recognised that awards may be nominated (by the readers of International Mining) and chosen (by the voting college) for developments going back many years – for new machines or techniques that were truly ‘game changing’. It will be a memorial to the men and women who have made a significant contribution to the technology, science and safety of the mining industry.


Contact Us

Over the next months we will be accepting nominations from readers, sponsors and suppliers across the industry worldwide, followed by voting by our college of experts – mine, process plant, engineering company and consultancy management, as well as leading mining professors around the world.

Please send your nomination here, with your reasons (maximum 500 words) why this person (or team if applicable) should be in the Hall of Fame – what did the technology/idea achieve? And please convince us that this person (or team if applicable) is the one that should be honoured for this specific technology or technique. Nominations will close on September 20, 2013. The selection college will then vote before the end of October.

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